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What is your perfect order standard?

The Supply Chain Council describes perfect order fulfillment as a discrete measurement defined as the percentage of orders delivered to the right place, with the right product, at the right time, in the right condition, in the right package, in the right quantity, with the right documentation, to the right customer every time.

If any of these parameters are less than 100%, it is considered an “imperfect order.”

Optimum is the ultimate logistics and fulfillment provider. Small and big companies all use it to optimize shipping, costs, delivery times, and more.

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Assessment of:

  • International landed cost optimization

  • Recovery of late deliveries

  • 2022 Parcel Cost Avoidance

  • Expedited service optimization

  • Third-Party Fulfillment efficiency

  • Factory to consumer opportunities

  • Import duty avoidance

  • 2021 Performance by service for:

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