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Management Services

Managing the logistics aspect of your business comes with a lot of headaches due to the complexity of it all, and over the past 15 years, we’ve developed solutions to just about any logistics challenge you can think of. Our ultimate goal working with you is to become your strategic partner by taking most of the leg work off of your hands and managing it all for you.

Inbound Management

As part of our ongoing inbound management services, we will: develop the requirements for origin shipper logistics needs, manage logistics for open POs., set quote and booking confirmation process, set up accounts as necessary, and develop SOPs for operations, procurement, finance, factories, and all shipping partners.

Monitor and Support

As an extension of your team, we’ll assist in the ongoing operation of your business by resolving customs clearance issues, late shipments, exceptions, and all other inbound activities so that your team can focus on what they do best.

Performance Reporting

It’s estimated that each dollar spent on report generation brings a return of $13 for the business. This is a core capability of ours that will allow us to identify root causes of profit loss and enhance your operational efficiency in order to support consistent growth.

Outbound Management

As part of our ongoing outbound management services, we will: collect and maintain the best sources of shipping data, build operations reports and dashboards for current and past shipping, and audit invoices and data monthly to ensure accurate billing.

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Exceptions Reports

One of the most frustrating parts of managing your supply chain are having lost packages, packages that get stuck in transit causing delays, and shippers claiming that the packages were delivered but never were. We’ll help you identify these exceptions so you can take action and reverse these issues.

Claims Management

The process of claims is very difficult, complex, time consuming, and there are a lot of steps involved. We’ll turn this into a streamlined process for you and manage it for you by communicating with vendors on your behalf until we get back the money that would have otherwise been lost.

Insurance Analysis

The more your company grows, the more products you’ll be shipping, and that means a definite increase in the risk of lost or damaged products. That increased risk makes logistics insurance a vital part of risk management. Through our insurance analysis program, we’ll help you find the options that best protect and support your shipments.


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