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3PL Optimization

Some of the problems clients face when seeking fulfillment partners range from; a lack of inventory visibility, poor communication from partners, customer churn due to poor service, non-compatible management systems, no clear idea of which partners to use, and most unfortunately, no clear picture of partner performance. Below are the four steps we take to solve these challenges for our clients.


Identify Primary Business Requirements

The first and most important thing before choosing the best 3PL partner that meets your needs is identifying your primary business requirements. That starts with gathering your shipping and order transaction history, determining the service standards you need, system requirements, and finally modeling target pricing.

Communication And Negotiation

The next step is to develop a request for proposal based on the business requirements which includes outlining your products weight and dimensions, objectives, timeline, and zone distribution. After that we’ll distribute and manage RFP communications, collect proposals, and negotiate the best pricing with 3PL’s.

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Analysis And Recommendation

At this point, we’ve determined your business requirements, developed a RFP, distributed it to potential 3PL's, developed target pricing, and negotiated pricing. Then we'll compare that to your current or projected costs and present you with an analysis of our findings along with recommendations.

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3PL Implementation

At this stage we need to lay out a plan moving forward to act upon everything we’ve developed to this point. The purpose of the implementation plan is to align your and the 3PL’s operational activities in order to provide a clear path forward enabling you to confidently drive the business toward its objectives.

Development Of Integration Plan

Seamless integration is crucial for success in the logistics and supply chain industry. At Optimum, we understand the importance of a well-defined integration plan to optimize operations, enhance visibility, and drive efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

Operational Readiness and Testing Plan

Our team will work closely with your organization to develop a comprehensive operational readiness and testing plan tailored to your specific logistics requirements.

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Audit and Reporting

We take a 30-day sample of your invoices and analyze the data such as shipping history, tracking information, inventory movements, carrier charges, and rates so we can develop management reports. 

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